We tell life stories.

sharing memories in new york city

Our Mission

The Biographers Guild of Greater New York is a nonprofit organization representing professionals who preserve life stories for individuals, families, and institutions in our area and beyond.

Our members work in many media, including print, photography, audio, video, and digital formats. We may describe ourselves as personal historians, biographers, memoir editors, or ghostwriters, but we are all devoted to the same idea: that the world is a better place when we preserve life histories for the generations yet to come.

We help connect our professionals with people who want their stories told and preserved.


Our Beginning

The Biographers Guild of Greater New York started as a group of writing, editing, and design professionals sitting around a Manhattan apartment and talking about our field.

First, we had to answer the most important question: Who are we?

The answer came easily. We are the people who preserve life stories.

That can mean your grandmother’s immigration story or your parents’ love story; it can also mean an entire biography or a snapshot of one special moment in your life. We record the histories of individuals, but also of businesses, organizations, and even pets.

If there is a life story to be told, if there is a history to be preserved, if there are memories to be passed down, we are the people with the expertise—and passion—to do it.


“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”

— mary oliver


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